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Veteran actress, Gigi Rice just worked with award-winning Director, Wayne Kramer, on the feature film Crossing Over, starring Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta and Sean Penn. Rice has worked in nearly a dozen features, including: The Man, with Samuel Jackson and Eugene Levy, The Calling, Night at The Roxbury, Deadfall and Mr. Write.

This spring, Rice served as Executive Producer and Creator of a television pilot in which she plays the lead role. This untitled project was developed as a vehicle for her along with writer, Kelvin Yu. The pilot is currently being discussed with networks and studios, and hopefully will be seen in 2008.

Rice began her career in television as a Series Regular on Harry And The Hendersons, and then as a Regular on Delta. She gained national attention when cast as the sexy CARLY WATKINS on The John Laroquette Show, in 1993. Since that time, Rice has enjoyed a busy career in television, film and the stage.

She was also cast as a Regular, along with Jennifer Garner, Eion Bailey and Elizabeth Mitchell, in Significant Others, a ColumbiaTriStar television series. In Do Over, Rice played KAREN LARSEN, a mom, very much ahead of her time, in the “80’s period” show for the WB.

With a multitude of Movies for Television under her belt, Rice has starred in The Premonition, Deadly Web, McBride: The Doctor Is Out, Really Out, and Deadly Family Secrets.

Rice, a very recognizable face to television viewers, has recurred on Army Wives, George Lopez, Frasier, My Guide To Becoming A Rock Star, and Partners. Among an extensive list of Guest-Star Appearances to her credit are: The Closer, Nip/Tuck, Two And A Half Men, C.S.I., Will And Grace, Hope & Faith, Center of The Universe, The Stones and The Fugitive. This fall, Gigi will be seen on upcoming episodes of Las Vegas and the new CBS series, Moonlight.

Rice graduated from The Ohio State University, with a B.F.A., in Musical Theatre. Following her graduation, Rice served as an apprentice at Burt Reynolds’s Jupiter Theatre, in Florida. While there she appeared in Mame, directed by Charles Nelson Reilly, and I’m Not Rappaport, directed by Burt Reynolds. As her roots are in theatre, she still maintains a presence on stage. Last year, Rice starred in two plays, The Mercy Seat and Desperate Affection.

Rice, her husband, and their two children, live in Los Angeles.